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Intensive Course

Evolved EMDR Hybrid Intensive Course

Course Instructor: Bonnie Barclay, LCSW, EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Utilizing my own experience with business coaching and evolving my practice into my "ideal practice," I developed my own intensive course. My practice model includes both 1:1 clients and intensive clients. While the information in this course is helpful for those pivoting to an intensive only practice, it is primarily set up for those who want to offer traditional, extended, and intensive therapy sessions. This may simply be a preference or maybe you are a bit more "risk averse" and this hybrid approach allows you to "try out" offering intensives with the ongoing financial security of keeping a caseload of traditional clients as well.

This live online course includes instruction, time for program development both alone and with a partner during breakouts. You will end the training with your program designed with clear action steps for implementation.

Niche. Knowledge. Confidence.

Your Roadmap to the Hybrid

Intensive Model

Two-day Live Online Course     
  Cost: $399 

Day One

Your Roadmap to the Hybrid

Intensive Model

Day Two

Home office

Truth: There are other intensive courses out there. I have taken them and found value in them. Those courses got me going with my own intensive work.


So what is different about my course? Good question. Depth, a word offered to me by a colleague about how I tend to approach things, this course as well as consultation and case conceptualization in general. Module 6 will include a step by step "fly on the wall" walk through of 2-3 cases, depending on the time. This will include target selection, some of my favorite resources to prepare clients for reprocessing, strategies for keeping clients in the window of tolerance, and more. I plan to share how I have evolved clinically over the last year in approaching cases, further enhancing how I do target selection and all 8 phases.


The course is live online which will allow for real time questions/answers. Learn from the comfort of your home or office, saving time and money. The link for slides and forms will be emailed to all participants.  I hope you will join me! 

Upcoming Two-Day Training September 14th and 15th. Registration is now open.

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