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Certification Group Consultation


120 minutes

Certification Group Consultation

EMDR Certification is an advanced level of training, experience, and expertise, 

beyond that of EMDR Basic Training. While certification is not required, I believe my relationship with my consultant and colleagues during the certification process, made a significant impact. It gave me the confidence to pivot my practice, using EMDR as my primary modality and then offering EMDR intensives. My goal is to offer a supportive environment for you to learn and grow. 

Groups will be limited to 8 participants per each 2 hour group and will be offered through Zoom. All groups are on EST and offered in a series of 5 sessions. This will provide the 10 hours of group needed for certification. 

All consultees will be sent an EMDR Consultation Packet once signed up. This will include information about consultation, EMDRIA requirements for certification, and the consultation agreement. The agreement allows you to specify your needs and goals, allowing me to help tailor material and feedback to participants to make this process more meaningful.

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